Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So, Minnesota eh?

I'm posting this a couple days late... Cuz I'm in Montana now, but here ya go!!

We made it to Minneapolis! We unloaded our luggage from the van, I walked through the front door to the La Quinta Inn, went up the elevator, tried my key in the door and then opened the door as it creaked. I then realized that I had traveled 10 floors and the only people I talked to were these young girls coming from the swimming pool... hotels are full of people everywhere, from all over, traveling to different places for different reasons. We all live in this building for an alloted amount of time, we swim together, excersize together, eat breakfast together, but hardly any interaction goes between us. I alwasy try to say hello to people in the elevator and no one ever knows what to do. Its like I spoke a different language...

Tonight I ate a frozen burrito from the store in the hotel (don't worry, I warmed it up before I ate it) and I drank a vitamin water. I've been failing in the healthy area... its hard to be healthy when you drive on freeways all day. But, I am determined to figure it out. Now after a relaxing bath and shower I'm laying in my hotel bed thinking about how bazaar and fun my life is.

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