Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis...

Ah, finally in St Louis. Took a Day and a half from Ft Collins, Colorado. Could have done it in a day, but it proves to be safer to split it up into 2 days when you have 3 drivers and 2 very large vehicles.

Its incredible how different our country is, and how the culture changes just as much as the scenery does. Its been fun to see so many states. From the stormy desert roads of west Texas to the flat, never ending corn fields of Kansas, and all in-between, its all beautiful and intriguing in its own way.

Things I have discovered/found out-
Though Kansas is SO flat and boring every once in a while it surprises you, it'll drop down into a shallow valley and you feel like you're finally above all the sunflower and corn fields, and when you see all of that land its amazing...
The skies in Kansas are unlike any other, the sunset was amazing.
Texas had these incredible desert mountains that when the sun would start to set, they would light up like fire.
The lightning storms have been great as well.
I discovered that almost any mexican restaurant in Texas is awesome.
I also discovered that I love Texas barbecue! I started my conversation with my waiter like this,"I'm from the northwest... we don't have barbecue... what should I eat?"
Literally. Thats what I said, maybe I sounded dumb, but I had really good ribs because of it.

I found out that I really miss rivers, mountains, lakes and valleys. I need to go on a long bike ride in Ashland when I am home for my week off. I'm going to sit by lithia creek with my bible, and just listen... I haven't heard water moving, other than the shower, in a long time.

I've found out that you can plan a wedding and a marriage while on the road. The week off every month helps too! But, its not quite as difficult as I thought. Being without Trevor? Not fun =(
Learning once again how to communicate over only e-mail. We've done it before, and this is the last time! I hate not being able to call him. But, we've both started blogs about our adventures, and we e-mail eachother often. I also started a wedding website on so that he can follow along with the wedding planning.

We are long distance relationship pros, waiting for the day when we'll never have to do long distance again!

Ah the joys of a modern day gypsy... haha.

Well, have a lovely day. I'll probably be in Minneapolis next time I update this!


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